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Having established our name in the paper and cable industries over many years, our inventive flair and practical problem-solving skills have been called for with projects in an increasing variety of industries, including shipping, renewable energy, farm machinery, and tobacco, to name a few.

One such project within the tobacco industry involved the assembly shop of the Instron company. Their measuring tables, which are 7 tonnes in weight of solid steel and are 2m x 2.5m wide, were too big for anyone else to handle. Hotchkiss engineers were able to CNC machine the t-slots on the table and drill and tap the holes.

Renewable Energy
Hotchkiss Engineers have built up an excellent working relationship with the EMR company over the past 40 years. The company, which is in the Renewable Energy industry sector, have around 20 - 6000hp rotors in the UK. As the bearings on these motor shafts start to come to the end of their life before a planned maintenance shut, they spin on the shaft and therefore damage the housing. The first job for our engineers is to CNC rough bore using our Monti milling machine on the 500mm outside diameter housing. The weld is then returned and the material block is placed back on the housing - which weighs in excess of 1.5 tonnes. Finally, we use our CNC boring machine to reclaim the original diameter.

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You can download our information sheets here: Construction and Agriculture Industries and Railway Equipment Overhaul.