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Recycling is nothing new, and in order to reduce energy usage, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the European Union has about 50% of world share of the waste and recycling industries meeting target rates between 50 and 65%. Recycling is now part of modern life.

This rapidly expanding industry constantly brings new challenges for Hotchkiss engineers working with sector market leaders including Biffa, Sita, FCC Environmental, and Cory Environmental.

The work we carry out is normally due to problems or broken parts on wrapping or conveyor belt machinery. For example, one of our regular customers, Sita, recently had issues with their wrapper rolls and the shafts kept breaking due to excess wear and tear in harsh environments. Hotchkiss engineers came up with the solution by re-designing a shaft arrangement with a ring feeder to increase the strength and durability of the unit.

You can download our Metal Recycling information sheet here.