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Oil and Gas

The UK oil and gas industry underpins modern society, supplying energy to power industry and to heat homes, fuel to transport goods and people worldwide, and the raw materials used to produce many everyday items. Through its extensive supply chain, it employs hundreds of thousands of people and makes a major contribution to the UK economy in terms of tax revenues, technologies and exports.

Hotchkiss Engineers have been engaged by many clients within the oil and gas industry sector, including Furmanite, Colbridge Engineering, First Subsea, and Barrets Steel. Most projects carried out so far have been either urgent or very urgent!

One such commission was to machine an oil rig block for Barret Steel. The block was urgently needed for Texas oil. Hotchkiss engineers used our CNC Milling machine to mill some intrinsic blind holes that required interpolation. Our rapid response resulted in a happy customer.

Despite having their own machine shop, the Furmanite company were under the cosh with delivery, as usual, and turned to Hotchkiss for help. This project involved boring bars for the oil exploration market in Scotland. Our engineers machined the long 6m x 100mm outside diameter mild steel tube on our CNC lathe, before sending it out to be chrome plated, all within the tight deadline....

Hotchkiss precision machine engineering services were recently put to good use for Colbridge Engineering. This job involved the oil and gas coolers used on oil rigs to cool the oil in the diesel engines. Hotchkiss engineers used our milling machine on the mating faces of the cooler top flanges to create an accurate finish and squareness.