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Sub Sea Cable

Subsea cables distribute power and international telecommunications, and the disruption caused when they are damaged demands an instant response.

Hotchkiss clients in the subsea cable industry - including JDR Cables, Fibron, Oceaneering, Duco, and Zumbach - often make use of our rapid response breakdown in-situ services. Customers from this industry also regularly use Hotchkiss engineers for projects to design and manufacture, or to increase capacity of their existing machinery.

For one such project, JDR Cables commissioned Hotchkiss Engineers to help with a broken underroller for their Armouring machine in Hartlepool. Having offered a spares package to save on downtime for our customer, our engineers dismantled the broken wheel and produced a report of their findings. Following consultations, we then drafted a new drawing before manufacturing a replacement new mild steel wheel. This new large wheel, with bearing weighing 0.5 tonne x 800 mm outside diameter and 400mm wide, was machined on our CNC lathe. We then CNC milled the top hat cover cap bolt holes on our milling machine.

We were also recently contracted to provide a turnkey job for Zumbach who design cable sensors. They wanted a company that could design, manufacture and machine all in one place - and were pleased to find that Hotchkiss Engineers can meet this brief.

A large part of our work in this industry sector requires a rapid response, and we have established close working links with many clients including Fibron - visit our case studies section to find out more.....

You can download The Marine Industry information sheet here.