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Jan 27, 2016

3D INVENTOR 2016/2017

The Hotchkiss Group of companies recently purchased new 3D Inventor drafting software which integrates CAD drawings and 3D data into one single digital model and includes the new 2017 Inventor CAM Software.

More than 700,000 standard parts and features are available within the software package to detail and document a virtual 3D prototype which meets international drafting standards, including ISO 9001.  The focused design process ensures that any possible design faults can be discovered and resolved quickly and efficiently by John D. Hotchkiss qualified draftsmen, with any changes being automatically updated throughout the drawings.  3D Inventor 2016/2017 thus enables us to visualize and check that the final product will be the perfect fit for our customers’ needs. 

Director Tom Sisley is impressed with the new software capabilities:  "At John D. Hotchkiss we are proud of our partnership which marries 75 years of engineering experience and expertise with the newest technology and machinery.  This latest partnership of CAD drawings and 3D data will ensure that we continue to live up to our group's maxim of meeting our customers' exact requirements within the minimum time."