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Nov 7, 2014


The Hotchkiss Engineering Group were recently asked to be involved in the creation of new wheel segments for one of only two World War II Lancasters still flying.

Using copies of the Dunlop tyre company’s original wartime blueprints, our engineers created replacement wheel segments for this very special plane. The three segments came as raw casings, which were machined separately before bolting together with special bolts made in our West Kingsdown workshops.  The bolted segments were then put up on our CNC Lathe to be machine finished to fit the wheel rim perfectly.  The job was then completed by hand to remove any sharp edges that may nick the tyres.

The Lancaster is the centre-piece to the “Battle of Britain Memorial Flight” which has been seen at air displays throughout the country this summer.  However, the plane’s wheels and wheel segments have a limited service life - they will only do 50 or so landings before they have to be replaced.

For more information regarding the Lancaster job or for further information regarding our CNC machining Lathes, please contact us.

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