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Large CNC Milling

Solving engineering problems is our business. With our extensive CNC milling capability and our large capacity 20,000 square foot workshop facility, we can perform numerous CNC Milling tasks to a high standard.

Our state of the art large capacity CNC milling machines provide the perfect solution to demanding and complex machining designs. We're a company with the experience, knowledge and manpower to reach the correct solution, either producing bespoke plans and designs using our 3D CAD technology and trained draughtsmen or working to drawings supplied by our customers. You will be advised and supported all the way through the process by our friendly and knowledgeable team of staff.

Precision Thread Milling
Our precision thread milling services provide thread depth control, optimum positional accuracy and full bottom threading if and when required. A typical thread milling project for the metal reclamation industry involved a M36 side of a large steel bearing housing, which weighed two tonnes and measured 1 metre in diameter. The thread milling capacity at Hotchkiss is potentially unlimited and we offer versatility in the diameter required. Our largest diameter so far is 120mm.

Face Milling
Face milling is a regular job that we carry out on our CNC milling machines. One such job involved the milling of 150 steel plates (part of a larger order of 1500 plates) for one of our construction industry customers.

End Milling 
This is our speciality! End milling is incredibly versatile and accurate. One interesting project that we carried out involved oil coolers for the off shore oil industry. We were required to accurately mill the cooler so that all sides were in-line and true to each other.

Slot Milling
This process is used for internal key ways or internal grooving. A recent operation on a clafin refiner shaft for the paper industry required internal key way slots of ½ metre in depth and 18mm wide. 

Shell Milling
Shell milling accurately removes compounds according to customer specifications. Our most popular type of shell milling is machining a mating face of a component, but we can also provide flat milling, concave milling and chamfers. One of the main benefits of our CNC milling machines is that they maximise the efficiency when large parts of material need to be removed quickly and therefore reducing waste dramatically. 

Gun Drilling
Gun drilling enables you to drill long distance holes at very accurate diameters without bowing or dipping off the true path. A typical project for the incineration market required a 12mm diameter hole to be drilled 2 metres deep along a 6-metre auger shaft.

You can download our Large Capacity CNC Milling information sheet here.