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CNC Roll Grinding

Computer Numerical Control revolutionised the ability of the cylindrical grinder, giving it precise directions on every dimension and measurement needed to produce the desired product. Combined with our large lifting capacity of 60 metric Tonnes, we can undertake all of your roll grinding requirements to the most demanding of variables using one of our two cylindrical roll grinders.

We can accommodate even the largest cylindrical rolls used within the paper and cable industries, giving a finish better than 1 micron up to 1.65metres in diameter up to 11 metres between centres.

A common engineering problem brought to us by customers here at Hotchkiss Engineers is excessive vibration in their rotating machinery - which can cause unacceptable levels of noise and, more importantly, substantially reduce the life of the shaft bearings. We can balance that machinery using our computerised dynamic balancing technology, which has the following specifications:

  • Up to 2.5m diameter x 11.5m length 
  • Maximum component weight of 12 Tonnes 
  • G1 - G6.3 specification up to 2500 M/Min 
  • Print of certification of balance 
  • Single and double plane balancer

You can download our CNC Roll Grinding & Balancing information sheet here.